GP Federation

GP practices in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire are now working together as part of the PML GP Federation. The Federation is a new way of working for GPs and it was created to enhance the delivery of health and care services for the people in our area.

There are 40 GP practices in Oxfordshire and 16 GP practices in Northamptonshire aligned to the PML GP Federation, covering a population of over 430,000. In Oxfordshire the Federation works in four locality groups covering the North, North East, West and part of the South West areas of Oxfordshire.

The Nuffield GP practice is part of the WestMed group, which is made up of 8 practices in the West of Oxfordshire.

PML’s central office in Banbury provides administrative and management support, governance and strategic planning and each locality has its own clinical and administrative lead to ensure our health plans are tailored for our local population.

The PML Federation was awarded funds to pilot new ways of delivering services to help GP practices meet increasing demand. The aim was to improve services that patients receive through their GP Surgery. Pilots were successful and we now have the following services:-

Primary Care Visiting Service

The Primary Care Visiting Service (PCVS) is made up of a team of emergency care clinicians who will work closely with GP practices to provide home visits to the elderly and housebound. This service started on the 27th July 2015 and has been a great success to date.

Neighbourhood Access Hubs

Neighbourhood Access Hubs provide same-day (or in some areas weekend) urgent appointments for patients as an alternative to an appointment at their own GP surgery. This service helps GP practices meet the increasing demand for urgent appointments and enables GPs more time for planned care.

A Neighbourhood Access Hub is not a ‘Walk-in Centre’ – you must be referred by your own GP practice for an appointment. The Witney Hub is based on the ground floor of the Windrush Medical Practice.

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