Making an appointment by telephone

We run an appointment system for all surgeries.

Telephone 01993 703641 and choose option 8.

N.B. You can press 8 as soon as the message starts; you do not have to wait until the end of the message.

Making an appointment online

If you have signed up for online access you can make an appointment online. Use the links below to enter the service that you have chosen:-

Non Routine Appointments

If you call for an appointment with your GP and you feel that you cannot wait for the next available routine appointment, you will be added to a call list which is managed by our Duty Team that consists of a GP, and our Paramedic Practitioners (PP) and/or our Advance Nurse Practitioner (ANP).

In order for your call to be triaged, the receptionist will ask you for some brief information. The Duty team will then assess the medical problem at hand and will often need to call you to ask for further details. After speaking to you they may ask you to come down to the practice on the day, or they might feel that you need to see or speak to your own GP who knows you best. They can book this appointment for you.

We do not operate a ‘walk in’ clinic, so please do not come to the practice and expect to be able to wait to be seen or to have your query dealt with then and there. Please do call us first so that we can make sure you receive the best possible care as promptly as possible.

Routine appointments

Patients will be offered the next available appointment with their usual doctor where possible. If you do not know who your 'usual doctor' is please ask the receptionist when you next contact the Practice. If your usual doctor is not available then we will offer you the next available appointment with another GP. We strongly recommend that you try to consult your usual doctor every time you contact the surgery. Dealing with the same doctor improves the continuity of care and should reduce the number of times that you will need to visit the doctor.

You should normally be seen within half-an-hour of your appointment time. Occasionally a doctor is called away on an emergency. If this happens, you will be offered the choice of either waiting or making another appointment or see another doctor. Please remember delays can occur if a patient requires an exceptionally long consultation. Please ask at reception if you have any concerns while you are waiting

If you need to see a nurse or healthcare assistant please tell the receptionist what the appointment is for so that enough time is allowed, and the appointment is booked with the right person

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please telephone the practice as soon as possible so that someone else may be seen.

For those of you with mobile phone, we run a text reminder service. You will receive a text when you book your appointment and another one 24 hours before the appointment. Please use this to cancel if you feel you are not able to attend. We lose hundreds of hours per year through patients not attending booked appointments. 

Further information

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