Home visits

Home visits are for the housebound and seriously ill. Otherwise, we expect you to come to the surgery to be seen as we have your medical records here and all our medical equipment and facilities available for your examination and treatment. The doctor can see many more patients in the surgery.

If you are too ill to come to the surgery and need a home visit, please try to telephone the surgery before midday. A member of the Duty Team will then call you to discuss your request.

Please be aware that there is a new service which all local practices are using and its name is Primary Care Visiting Service; PCVS for short.

The PCVS is staffed by qualified paramedics who work together with GPs to carry out home visits when the GPs are not able to make the visits themselves. The PCVS staff will make the visit, assess the patient and treat if appropriate, and they will also contact the patient's GP practice to discuss ongoing care and to feed back the results of the visit.

Further information

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